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Liver-soothing and Spleen-boosting Granule

Release date:2013-3-13 10:22:26 
Ingredients herba artemisiae scopariae, herba taraxaci, schisandrae chinensis fructus, poria, radix astragali seu hedysari, fructus crataegi.
Description: Brown tablets, with slight sweet and pungent taste.
Action & Indication: To remove damp-heat, sooth the liver, dishihibit the gallbladder, counteract toxicity, eliminate jaundice, boost the spleen and stomach. It is applied to treat acute and chronic hempatitis, cholecystitis caused by damp-heat blockage, with symptoms of spleen-stomach vacuity, fatigued body and lack of strength, rib and stomach distending pain, poor appetite.
Variety:  Orally
Valid Period:  36 months
Register No.: Z20043559